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Are you ready to maximize the efficiency of your fleet and save money?

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From desktop to mobile devices, control tracking modes, view sensors, monitor geofencing, driver performance alerts, combined with real time GPS tracking and three year cloud based history.


Dispatch, schedule tasks, and view vehicle performance. Plan and optimize routes through our point of sale for your internal and customer audience, with data captured in meaningful custom reports. 


Never miss any service related to the performance of your fleet. Dramatically reduce costs through preventative maintenance instead of reactive maintenance by preventing vehicles from sudden breakdown. 

Preventative Maintenance,

   Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

The FleetMatrix™ Preventative Maintenance Program offers an unparalleled blend of our Patent Pending Vehicle Servicing, with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning that builds maintenance algorithms around your fleet and team.  

Execute your maintenance decisions with meaningful, relevant information at your fingertips.

Asset tracking that goes beyond GPS location

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FleetMatrix™ offers profound visibility tools with HD-tracking, a rich set of

GIS tools, Google Maps, and real-time telemetry data.


Track and protect your fleet, cargo, and equipment -

from anywhere, at

any time, on any device.

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Alerts, Analytics & Reports completely customized to

your business needs

Eliminate the white noise through FleetMatrix™ customized data reporting, that has built-in logic to notify who, when, and how with three years of access to your data.

Tire Sensors  |  Fuel Sensors  |  Temperature Sensors

DTC's & Events  |  Engine Hours  |  Fuel Volume

Fleet Expense Analytics  |   Geofence Tracking

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Equipment Work Time  |  Idling & Stops  |  Driver Performance


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